Artmoney are small works of art, that can be used as payment, a kind of alternative global currency of unique art.
This idea was created in 1997 by Lars Christian Kræmmer and has grown global by and by. Artmoney can be created in all kinds of materials, but have to conform to the following rules:
1: they must measure 12x18cm
2: they must be original handmade one-of-a-kind objects.
3: on the back they must cite the year of production, number of the series, country, name and signature of the artist and
4: Artmoney has a fixed rate of exchange of 200DKK(27€)
It can be used all over the world as total or partial payment in shops registered in or wherever it is accepted. Artmoney is perfect as (gifts,) birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for jubilees or for the hostess, for Valentine’s Day, and you can even start up a collection.
There is always room for an artmoney.